Strategic communication consulting driving transformation

Transformation is vital for large corporations to stay competitive in dynamic markets. Effective communication aligns employees, engages stakeholders, manages change, and upholds trust. We advise entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and boards, leveraging our experience to address strategic communication challenges. Our goal is to enhance reputation and brand value in daily operations as well as in long-term organizational development.


Years of experience as strategic entrepreneurs and digitally savvy communicators have equipped us with specialized expertise in leadership communication on transformational topics. This expertise encompasses overall strategy programs during times of reorganization and change, as well as addressing specific strategic challenges such as sustainability, digital innovation, or employer branding.
Our method involves crafting compelling narratives for both internal and external audiences. We offer strategic insights, creative solutions, and ongoing support to help top managers navigate complex communication challenges and achieve their business objectives. Our approach is strategic, holistic, data-driven, and committed to delivering tangible ROI.

Strategic consulting

We leverage our deep understanding of industry mechanisms to assist clients in defining objectives, developing frameworks, and establishing structures, ultimately ensuring they act effectively and efficiently.


In order to make strategies easily accessible for target audiences such as employees, customers, stakeholders, and the public, we craft compelling storylines that resonate with our clients’ goals.


Across channels and discipilines, we implement the measures we have defined together with our clients in cooperation with our two partner agencies Richterich & Partner and Swisscontent AG.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

(George Bernard Shaw)

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